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ERIC SMITH – Australian Artist

1919 Born in Brunswick, Melbourne
1936 Joins Contemporary Arts Society, Melbourne
1936-1938 Brunswick Technical College, Commercial Art and Painting, Melbourne
1936-1938 Designs silverware and badges at Stokes, Melbourne
1936-1938 Designs dresses for Myer, Melbourne
1938 Begins Oil Painting
1939 Joins Victorian Artist’s Society, Melbourne
1940-1945 Serves in the Australian Army
1945 Runner-up in the Archibald Prize with ‘Self Portrait’ painted on Army canvass
1946 Marries Dorothea Joy Darcy (Joy)
1947-1951 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Diploma of Painting
1952 Moves to Sydney
1956 Participates in landmark abstract and abstract expressionist exhibition ‘Direction 1’ in Sydney
1958 - Present Lives and works in Woollahra, Sydney
1960's Teaches part-time Drawing and Painting at the University of New South Wales and St George Technical College, Sydney
1961 Participates in ‘Sydney 9’ exhibition in Sydney and Melbourne (counter to the Antipodeans)
1963 Travels to England and Europe
2017 Died on 20 February, Sydney, aged 97 years
Solo Exhibitions
1949 Tye’s Gallery, Melbourne (Joint exhibition with Edward Fewster)
1950 Tye’s Gallery, Melbourne
1953 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney
1953 Peter Bray Gallery, Melbourne
1954 John Martin’s Gallery, Adelaide
1955 Macquarie Galleries, Sydney
1961 David Jones, Sydney
1963 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1964 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1964 Georges Gallery, Melbourne
1965 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1967 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1969 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1970 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1973 Rudy Komon Gallery and Watters Gallery, Sydney
1975 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1975 Toorak Gallery, Melbourne
1978 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1980 David Reid Gallery, Sydney
1982 Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney
1988 Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney
1989 Artmet Gallery, Sydney
2009 Global Gallery, Sydney
Group Exhibitions (Selected)
1940 Contemporary Art Society
1945 ‘Australia at War’ Exhibition
1949 Tye’s Gallery, Melbourne
1949-1955 Victorian Artists’ Society Group Shows, Melbourne
1951 Tye’s Gallery, Melbourne
1952-1965 Contemporary Art Society Group Shows, Sydney
1953-1956 Sydney Group (yearly show), Sydney
1954 ‘Artists by Artists’ Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
1954 ‘Flower & Art’ Bissietta Gallery, Sydney
1955 ‘The Show of Sixes’ Macquarie Galleries, Sydney
1955 Loan Exhibition, Contemporary Australian Painting, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
1956 ‘Direction 1’ Macquarie Galleries, Sydney
1959 Joint exhibition with Architect Neville Gruzman, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1959 Australian Landscape Exhibition, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1960 Terry Clune Galleries, Sydney
1961 ‘Sydney Nine’ David Jones, Sydney
1961 ‘15 Contemporary Australian Painters’ New Vision Centre, London
1961 ‘Australian Artists Exhibition’ Raymond Burr Galleries, Los Angeles
1963 ‘Australian Painting’ Tate Gallery, London UK
1969 Third Print Prize Exhibition, Australia (travelled nationally)
1986 Face to Face: Australian Portraits AGNSW Travelling Exhibition
1991 New Directions 1952-1962, Lewers Bequest and Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Sydney
1997 Wynne Prize Centenary, Turkish Bath Museum Mount Wilson, Sydney
2013 'Great and Small' Peter Pinson Gallery, Sydney
1962 Helena Rubenstein Travelling Art Scholarship
1995 Australia Council Emeritus Award
1955 Mosaic Mural, Glass/Wood Screen and Terrazzo Floor Design, Purnell Motors, Arncliffe Sydney
1958 Mosaics and Stained Glass, South Head and District Synagogue, Rose Bay Sydney
1959 Windows, St Paul’s College, University of Sydney
1959 Mural, Berrima Court House (Painting)
1959 Mural, ICI Building, Sydney (Mosaic)
1968 Glass Screen, Gregory & Carr Funeral Chapel, Mona Vale Sydney
1969 Posters on the Apostles Creed, The Living Parish Series, Sydney
2010 Side Windows, St Paul's College, Sydney University
1944 Australia at War, War on Land Prize
1948 Catholic Centenary Art Prize
1948 CRTS Shell Company Prize
1948 CRTS Norman Bros Prize
1950 Victorian Artists’ Society, ‘60 Drawings’ Herald Prize
1953 Sulman Prize
1953 Berrima Art Prize (Mural)
1955 Contemporary Art Society
1955 Contemporary Art Society, Madach Prize
1955 Adelaide Advertiser Prize
1956 Blake Prize
1956 Bathurst Art Prize
1958 Blake Prize
1959 Blake Prize
1960 Journalists’ Club Prize
1962 Blake Prize
1962 RAS Easter Show Prize
1965 Roy H. Taffs Contemporary Art Society Award
1967 Darcy Morris Memorial Prize
1969 Blake Prize
1969 RAS Easter Show, Portrait Prize
1970 Archibald Prize
1970 Blake Prize (Shared)
1972 Wynne Prize
1973 Sulman Prize
1974 Wynne Prize
1975 Muswellbrook Art Prize
1981 Archibald Prize
1982 Archibald Prize
2003 Sulman Prize
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Art Gallery of Queensland, Brisbane
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
Bendigo Regional Gallery, Victoria
Geelong Regional Gallery, Victoria
Rockhampton Regional Gallery, Queensland
Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney
University of New South Wales, Sydney
University of Sydney, Sydney
Southern Cross University
Canisius College, Pymble
St Patricks, Manly
State Bank
James Fairfax Esq.
Harold E Metz Collection
Raymond Burr Galleries, USA
Other Private Collections
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